Opportunities for Musicians

Poles Apart uses only the best musicians, who are also willing to take part in the energy of the performance and have fun and interact with our audiences. Also, if you aren't the sousaphone player (the only one let off singing), they also have to be able to sing and harmonise whilst performing on their chosen instrument, and jiving on your stilts.

The General line up of Poles Apart is:


Saxophone (or other wind instrument, such as trumpet, trombone) & singing

Percussion & singing

Banjo (or some banjo hybrid, such as banjo-guitar, ukulele-banjo) & singing.

The repertoire varies, but is generally rock 'n' roll, disco, pop and rock.

If you want to try your hand with Poles Apart please phone and contact us for an audition. Your efforts will be well rewarded, both financially and with the experience of playing in a top ranking act.

If you're not willing to put the time in learning your instrumental and vocal parts, and the arrangements, to a high standard, and also getting your stilt walking ability to the point of being able to dance, then don't bother contacting us.

Rehearsals will happen.

click here to email us for an audition.

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Being a classical musician, musical saw virtuoso, aswell as a stilt walking rock 'n' roll performer my network of fellow performers is extensive, and, as I'm always out there performing side by side with other performers I can easily judge the wheat from the chaff. This is no agency that never leaves the office, but one that is constantly talent scouting.

I can provide musical entertainment of: a mandolin orchestra/quintet/soloist, classical guitarist, Renaissance Lutenist, musical saw.

I can provide entertainers: clowns, stilt-walkers, acrobats, jugglers, street shows, street theatre, magicians etc...

Please enquire for rates. I can provide pictures and further details when I know the type of artists needed.