Facebook Links

Poles Apart Stilts. For more up to date info on us and the opportunity to join our fan base.

Iron Boot Scrapers. Up to date info and to join fan base.

The Fretful Federation Mandolin Orchestra. Same as above.

The Brighton Blasphemy Society. Ian Harris' society to promote free speech and fight against undeserved extra rights, tax breaks, funding and privileges for religious groups in our secular society.

Main web pages for linked organisations

The Iron Boot Scrapers

Mandolin Links

The Fretful Federation Mandolin Orchestra (my own plucked orchestra!)

The UK's top Celtic mandolin performer, Simon Mayor.


The UK's finest classical mandolinist, Alison Stephens.


The Banjo Mandolin and Guitar Federation


Musical Saw Links

Natalia Paruz, the New York 'Saw Lady'.


President of the US Musical Saw Society, photographer, and friend.


Charles Hindmarsh, the Yorkshire musical saw player.


The annual US, in California, Musical saw Festival.

Charles Hindmarsh

Other Links 

Exceptional make-up artist for Theatre, film, weddings, fashion etc..


For the best sousaphone information and high jinks