Poles Apart Stilt walking band can provide a colourful band, on stilts, from 1 to 10 performers (or more). Poles Apart Stilts has performed at many international events around the world.

We've also performed on world wide TV networks, such as on Eastenders, on the BBC.

Venues that we've played at included The Athens Olympics Games, Wembley Stadium, Eastenders (top soap in UK), B'estfest Cowes & Henley Regatta, Glastonbury Festival, several Royal Events, Canary Wharf etc...

Poles Apart Stilts has performed in Egypt, Romania, Portugal, Holland, Kuwait, Dubai, Greece, The Republic of Ireland, China, Turkey, France and India.

Poles Aparts also does Black Tie, Pirates, Punch & Judy, 30's Rif Raff, Santa Claus, Jack Frosts, Soldiers, Victorians (Dead and more brightly coloured), Dogs and Devils, Medieval, Elvis, Insects, Chavs (track suits) and Sgt Peppers. The music we play is generally up-to-date pop, rock, heavy metal, rock 'n' roll, disco, soul, rock, and a complete set of Beatles tunes, all using the stripped down traditional jazz instrumentation of sousaphone, banjo, percussion and sax, with 3 part harmony vocals.

We encourage audience participation and will overstretch ourselves to entertain.

Poles Apart costume changes

As Poles Apart has such a variety of costumes, and repertoire, we can provide various themed acts, with appropriate costume changes and music, all at the same event. All at a small extra cost!

This is what we suggest for three performances, with three costume changes and three styles of music (all using sousaphone, banjo, sax and percussion):

1. 'Sgt Pepper's Band', playing Beatles music, with full vocal harmonies.

2. 'Rockin' Elvis's', playing old time rock 'n' roll.

3. 'Silly Toff's Band', playing fun pop, disco and rock.

There are various options to our performances:

Poles Apart Walkabout Stilt band

Poles Apart stilt band as a live band with 3 part vocal harmonies that is entirely self-contained (ie no PA, stage required etc..) and acoustic. This is great for those occasions that you want us roaming around and able to move flexibly with the occasion.

The Iron Boot Scrapers (non-stilt-walking band)

The Iron Boot Scrapers is Poles Apart incarnation as a non-stiltwalking band. We still play all the regular favourites, but the band is much more interactive, with the audience (if required), and comes at a much reduced cost.

It still comes in a variety of fun costumes.

See web site at: the myspace site

On Stage Functions band

Poles Apart Stilt band can be on-stage, and amplified (with Sennheiser radio mics for vocals and instruments) as a functions band, either on stilts, with costumes, or tailored to your requirements. We can arrange staging, PA, lighting and technicians.

A functions band with a difference. The skilled musicianship of Poles Apart, but not the same old functions band, but one playing the party classics on the blasphemous instrumentation of sousaphone, banjo, percussion, saxophone(s).

See our videos, on U tube, by clicking them below:


at Romania's B'estfest Rock Festival


2008 videos playing at Brighton Marina:

as 'Punch & Judy Band' (Devil, Policeman), playing 'Blame it on the Boogie':


as 'Sgt Pepper's' playing 'Please Mr Postman':


as 'Pirates', playing 'Great balls of (cannon) fire':


as 'Clowns', playing The Scissor Sister's 'Laura':


as 'Insects', playing 'Tutti Frutti':


Here we are, at an Ikea opening, as Toffs, playing 'Staying Alive':


and 'Great Balls of Fire'


Playing trad jazz at various festivals.


Jack Frosts, in Havant, at their Christmas Lights On, on 1st Dec 2007


and here on myspace, in a Dubai shopping centre, as 'Elvis's', playing 'Stayin' Alive':


as 'Insects', in Peterborough