Ian Harris's dubut mandolin CD.

Noteworthy tracks are:

Ian Harris plays all of the five instruments of Marucelli's aptly named 'Valtzer Fantastico'. This piece stretches classical mandolin technique to it's limits.

See this performed live, in 2007, on YouTube, here (with Nicki Lewkow - mandola,  Adrian Milarski - guitar, & Rosi Bryer - mandolin):


A  sublime arrangement of  all three movements  of Hummel's mandolin concerto, arranged for mandolin and guitar.

The virtuosic solo mandolin piece, by Carlo Munier, 'Love song', where a single mandolin uses extended techniques to sound like many mandolins at once.

Calace's 'Jeunesse Op 13'. Calace was one of the 19 Century's foremost mandolin composer/performers

To purchase this CD please contact Ian Harris by email at polesapartstilts@ntlworld.com .

CDs are 10 pounds sterling; you can pay Ian Harris by paypal.

Links: www.fretful-federation.freeserve.co.uk  for the Fretful Federation Mandolin Orchestra; that's the one that I founded and I'm director of, baby!

 Renaissance Lute

This instrument is pretty close to my heart, as to performance and playing of.

I've a passion for the the music of John Dowland, and also other English Renaissance song composers. I love the challenge of playing the accompaniment and singing the tunes by myself, but it's always a bonus collaborating with other musicians.

Here's a few pics